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Amongst other things, I have worked on:

  • Building REST API servers from scratch with Object Relational Mapping (ORM), caching and middlewares with custom logic.
  • Frontend with all kinds of visualisations (like charts, bar graphs, histograms etc.).
  • Authentication and authorization layer.
  • Dockering all kinds of applications written in Node, Python and Go for production as well as developer environment.
  • Setting linters, code formatter, and testing using github actions.
  • Setting up CI/CD pipeline for auto deployments.
  • Setting up and configuring multiple AWS services like VPC, ECS, S3, EC2, Lambda and more.
  • Database migrations using pg_dump/pg_restore and pgBackRest.
  • Database modelling and optimising query performance.
  • Setting up Kubernetes cluster for self managed postgres cluster.

Projects and Talks